Best and Different ways to use vibrato on electric guitar

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Today i want to talk about ” Best and Different ways to use vibrato on electric guitar ” .

Best and Different ways to use vibrato on electric guitar

Definitely one of the most important techniques in the world of Electric guitar is Vibrato, and most of the times, i think , you can Recognize the level of a guitarist by the way they vibrate !

as Steve vie says :

Vibrato is what makes notes sing

 it’s like the soul of a note , and the best use of vibrato of course!

Here are few numbers of different types of vibrato on electric guitar :

  • Classical type

in this type of vibrato , you continually move your finger horizontal , you can do this on different speeds, and we can hear this one while Classical guitar players want to vibrate .

The final feeling is actually a bit flat and smooth !

Personally, I use this type of vibrato when i tend to create a pretty emotional , sweet feeling , and I want note to sound flat and smooth .

You can watch the related video a little further in the article .

  • Up-down vibrato

it’s sort of “conventional” rock & roll vibrato , you just simply push the string up and down , slowly or rapidly .

Alongside making many feelings when vibrating this way, you can vibrate wildly ( like what zakk wylde Does 😀 ) !

But Sometimes in this vibrating style, we may lose control over the notes and go through false notes you didn’t mean to hear .

So be careful!

different ways to use vibrato in electric guitar
  • Floating vibrato

This is a kind of “Up-down” vibrato subsets that Eric Clapton uses .

His entire forearm and finger are very free when vibrating , and it feels more natural to some players .

I love his Vibrato style !

  • Down-up vibrato

This way is one of the most popular ones and personally i use it most of the time .

It contains a lot of subsets and is used by many great guitarist by their own way !

Like the famous BB King vibrato

  • Hang loose / B.B king vibrato

I took this name from Mike’s video from “The art of guitar“ website. I’ll also place his video below .

Hang loose vibrato is one of the greatest vintage vibrato styles ever !

It’s like constantly going down and up a quarter of a circle .

quarter of a circle! you know it right??? 😀

the most important different ways to use vibrato in electric guitar

Such poetic notes come out when the name of this type of vibrato is called…

  • Circular vibrato

this type of vibrato is actually the mixture between several different ways of vibrating .

I personally love this kind of vibrato but nowadays I can’t vibrate this way :/

I believe in this style,sometimes, Frequency control makes much more attractive outcomes rather than others with random movements .

But the only issue with this one , is that we cannot do it on High E and some times even B string .

We shouldn’t forget that utilizing any of these Vibrato styles is related to the situation of notes and the feeling of our song .

In this video, you can see how hang loose vibrato , floating Vibrato and circular vibrato work !

  • Whammy bar vibrato

The sound material of this type of vibrato is different from the others and is done with whammy bar .

When you push or pull the Whammy bar, you’ll notice the Difference that I’m talking about .

Repeated heavy use of the vibrato can slightly alter the resting string length and tension , that’s why your guitar may go out of tune after you wail on the whammy bar.

Guys, you can also check out this website:
To read their complete article about whammy bar .

Again as Steve vie says:

the Vibrato bar adds a whole insanity to the solo !

Watch the Video below 🙂

  • Between bar and finger

So some times we want to make difference , and it can be happened by combining Whammy bar style with Finger vibrato

In the video below, you can hear and learn Whammy Bar Vibrato , The classic Vibrato , Circular Vibrato and eventually the combination of them .

check this out 🙂

Finally I have to mention that Fingers play an important role while choosing vibrating style during a solo or any other situation .

And where the notes are and how you feel at the moment…

Here was our first article about some Best and Different ways to use vibrato on electric guitar

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