Do you think blues music is heading towards death?

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Recently, I’ve got involved with this strange but true question: Do you think blues music is heading towards death?

As a musician, I got to say, sometimes I think that’s true! even if we suppose my current point is all about just the musician, it’s better to say, yes! (just for now!)

It was in 2015 that Buddy Guy made these remarks:

I worry about the future of blues music whether you are black or white. If they don’t hear it like I did and listen to it and don’t know about it — you ever been to Louisiana where they cook all this gumbo? I do. [Laughs.] So if you never tasted it, you wouldn’t love it. That’s what’s happening with the blues. Now, the young people don’t know nothing about it unless — I know satellite [radio] do play blues, but we need more than that. I tell everybody I would love to hear Muddy Waters twice a week. I’m not telling you to play him all day, all night; just play him. Let the young people know where it all started.

I love this guy! I’m agree with him , but I want to tell you something more,

Guys! the world has changed!

Every single element of the universe is moving towards the integration and creation of new species. it’s true?

And that’s why we see more and more new music, especially fusion music!

Well, obviously the traditional form of blues music is not yet common, but our main question is a general question that is not just about the traditional form of this music.

When you look deeper, you realize that blues is still alive but in a different way! I say it again in more detail.

Guitar heroes have changed in recent years and although there are more modern musicians, we look at one of the biggest guitar inspirations:

Do you think blues music is heading towards death?
Do you think blues music is heading towards death?

Guthrie Govan!

As you know, this guy is a totally crazy player, he’s just insane!

Beside his obviously original blues licks , a lot of his super shred tapping and also his outside playing are in our famous pentatonic scales!

Yeah ! that’s right ! we still have blues in this modern world , but , There’s a BUT!

All of these blues licks are just mixed up with newer sounds.

One of the biggest changes I think is well formed in the world, is a variety of sounds from ordinary pentatonics.

Add more chromatic notes!

More playing with the brain and fingers.

Horizontal movements along the guitar neck are much more noticeable.

Day by day, jazz pervades all music genres more than ever.

I know we all miss the time when guitar heroes were before 20s and 19s.

I know you still don’t want to accept that everything has changed, But it is time to respectfully let the past goes and move forward to the modern world.

Everyone says, you are what you eat but my English teacher says, you are what you read and finally according to these words we can say, Musicians are what they listen to!

So guys, what do you think?

The music you listen to, forms you.

And according to each person who you cover their songs, the character of your playing is formed.

I will end up the article with these beautiful words from Buddy Guy:

The blues comes in all denominations, man. It comes with your family, with your lover, with your friend. And I had some good friends until I loaned them a lot of money; then I lost them. [Laughs.] I’ve got a piece of paper in my club, “You loan your friend your money, you finna lose your money and your friend.”

And that’s the blues.

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