Electric guitar DANGERS : Most-know information !

It’s a natural thing to grab our guitar , plug it to the amp and start playing some cool riffs , but did you know that someday it WON’T be as usual , and it could be your last time playing guitar ?!

You heard me right , there are some electric guitar dangers , threatening our lives , let’s find about what they are !

In this article , we don’t go through technical subjects about electricity and we try to keep it as simple , as possible .

Electrical injuries

First let’s see what exactly might happen if there are some problems with our equipment , our standing situation and with the environment :

  1. Your amp or any other electrical device you have may break

Sometimes there’s no serious damage and we just lose our amp or mic . It’s happened a lot of times when you push your amp’s power button and it doesn’t turn on . I have and old electric piano which has an adapter , someday i forgot to use that adapter while turning on the piano , and the fuse simply destroyed .

  1. There may be a mild or Painful electrical shock

There are many guitarists who use electric guitar plugins instead of a processor or amps , you guys should know that if you feel something like a sting while touching your pickups , string or guitar’s bridge , it’s because your Soundcard doesn’t meet the electric guitar standards , or has a poor resistance against electricity . it may be associated to your cables or prongs as well .

  1. Electrocution

We can always recall some of the worst memories back then in 80s , when Leslie Harvey and John Rostill , got damaged by mics and amps . we will talk about these electrical shock reasons in following .

Electrical shock reasons

  1. Using old amplifiers

Most of the guitar-related injuries have arose while using old amplifiers ( and guitar itself , doesn’t make any problem ) . Why ? because most of them don’t use three-blades prongs , so they won’t transfer electrical current into the earth . instead , your body will , so you may get seriously damaged .

An old two-blades prong

but if you’re fond of old classic amps , just buy a three-blades convertor prongs .

modern amps grounding system
Modern amps grounding system
Electric guitar DANGERS : Most-know information !

  1. Faulty electrical wiring

in this case , we can not rip the house’s wall to see if everything’s OK with the electrical wiring , and there may be some problems if you don’t follow these tips in an old house .

Use a healthy Protector power strip .

before you start playing , use a screwdriver phase tester which could be found in any house .

A protector power strip

  1. Playing in rain , or in a humid location

It’s not surprising to hear if there’s been some electrical problems at a concert , in a rainy day . Water and humidity have always been an enemy to electricity .

Try not to perform or play under rain and water drops , otherwise postpone the performance and try to provide a dry situation , eventually make sure everything works well .

  1. When you’re grounded

So you may follow all the safety points and everything works well , but accidentally an electric shock arises and you get involved ! why does it happen ?

you’re probably standing on a concrete surface , or the ground is wet , or you’re simply standing on a metal surface !

whenever an electrical current exists , it has an impact on earth . there’s no matter what the problem is , the current would find it’s way to earth almost for sure , and if you have a connection with an electricity carrier surface , you may get damaged .

So always try to stand or sit on a wooden ground , carpet , or any other dry surface which isn’t a carrier .

Also shoes can play an important role , be sure you’re wearing dry cloths .

  1. Any other situation

To understand the basic theory behind all this electrical subjects , let’s have a look at the picture below :

As you see there’s a kind of straight connection between the power supplier ( Battery ) and the Microphone , so THERE IS an electrical current with microphone , but it’s too low that you won’t feel it anyway . there’s a video below , explaining everything you need to know about this subject .

Eventually we could say , these hazards aren’t a usual disaster and they happen while we don’t consider the explanations we read in the article . The main purpose is to warn you about electric guitar dangers that might happen specially in concerts .

Hope you found this article useful and prevent from some probable serious problems 🙂

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