Excessive and strange competition between electric guitar players

Hey everyone how you doin these days? 🙂 guys actually I got involved with this strange topic and I ask you to be with me until the end of this article: “Excessive and strange competition between electric guitar players”

As you know, art is sometimes introverted and sometimes extroverted like the other aspects of our life.

I raised a question so let’s digging it!

What do you think about always being a shredder?

What about overuse of the technique?

Why do you think all the titles of videos on YouTube and elsewhere are all about how to get shredded faster?

Why are the most viewed YouTube videos related to the easiest ways to shred faster?

Do you think that you do really think? Or do you just play as a sport?

Is it bad to be a shredder? No guys! Of course the answer is no! but come on! Take it easier! There is no need to compete patiently.

Shredding is amazing! Believe me I love it! I enjoy seeing shredders.

It is an extraordinary ability , do not think that what I mean today is shredding! No!

Actually I love these guys 😍

I mean sick competition I mean excessive competition!

Of course, there must always be competition between guitarists , of course you always have to be better , But not through a sick cheek!

But I want to listen to, for example, remarkably human album or at least it’s single track by Nick Johnston.

This person is a musician full of technique!

But listen and see how beautiful he plays you in the wonderful world of his chords.

Note the accompanying other art items.

Being a soloist is beautiful.

And art can be a subjective perspective .

But paying attention to different items of an art work is also debatable.

In this song, Solo blends with other performances of the song and creates a unique combination of technique, knowledge and feeling.

This music allows us to think , because he left it for us to think, he did not fill it himself!

There is nothing good or bad, my friends , but we must pay attention to where the global wave is driven.

Guitar heroes change, as a result, the pieces of music change.

I enjoy the modern world of music and I know you do too! but thinking behind our action is sometimes a forgotten issue that we must pay attention to.

According to one person, the crazy shredding and weird intricacies and show-offs are specific to the Instagram space.

One minute musics , a few seconds exercises , Stories …!

We put a lot of time for checking the other soloes , unwanted we compare ourselves to another one , don’t you think that all these audio and video information you get as soon as you get there(Instagram and such these platforms) , what effects does it actually on your ears and your mind?

Don’t you think it’s better to tryin to moving towards a deeper thoughtful person in your way? maybe your current way is actually great for you and you’re enjoying your journey and that’s the greatest feeling ever!

Believe me, I experienced all this myself and the result of drowning is to move away from your original thought.

When you drown in this excessive competition and show off, you lose the confidence to release your real tracks and your albums.

Excessive and strange competition between electric guitar players
Excessive and strange competition between electric guitar players

its not always like this !
Instagram and such competitions are great! I only dealt with the bad side of this kind of things! I mean when you suddenly come to yourself and see that time is passing for you , and you are still competing! involved with practice, not thinking!

I know I spoke a lot today based on pseudoscience and personal beliefs , but I hope you understand the purpose.

Here was our impressions of “Excessive and strange competition between electric guitar players” .

Thank you for being with me , enjoy your life , stay with us on guitarist daily 🙂

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