How To Be Friends With Your Guitar

Good timing our dear friends , Happy to have you here !

in this session of our full guitar course , we’re going to talk about some tips that help you sit on a standard way with your guitar , and also answer this question : HOW DO WE PLAY GUITAR ?

How To Be Friends With Your Guitar by Guitarist daily :

How to be friends with your guitar ( the video’s script ) :

Guitar’s structure

Everything I say , is the exact way of how we play an electric guitar too .

I just introduce the instrument to you very briefly , we have three main parts which are body

neck or the fretboard

And the headstock

guitar body increases the sound made by string and also grant them a special color .

also in here we have a section called bridge , which holds our string .

we have a fretboard and we use it to play different notes , as you can see there are some wires here and they’re called fret wires , we use the space between the two of them , and that space is called a fret , for example it’s the third space so it’s called the third fret .

this one is the fifth space so it’s the fifth fret .

and finally we have the headstock , we use this section to tune our guitar with this tuning keys .

How to sit

Everything I say is related to right handed players , if you’re left handed , just do the opposite .

First you should sit on a chair , coach , bed or anything that’s comfortable and is not high .

Be sure you’re knee angle is around 90 degrees .

After that we put this curve on our right foot : We have two curves , and you should put the one which is close to the thin string .

Then we would give our instrument a little angle like this , so we don’t need to hump and we can sit in a standard way .

It’s pretty important to sit in style and look nice with your guitar !

The Next step is to set our picking hand which is our right hand ; So in this point we need a pick 🙂

Put it on your index finger , actually on the first phalanx .

And here’s the important part , the pick’s tip , would cut off the finger’s tip direction . For example if you’re finger’s tip is in a straight direction , when you hold the pick , the pick’s tip should be in the Right direction .

After that we close our hand like we’re holding a little cup and put our thumb on our index finger . Then we put it all on our guitar’s body , close to the hole .

So as you see me elbow is placed on my guitar , but if you have a smaller hand , you may place your arm here instead of your hand ; Or if you have a longer hand it may be different again , so the point is to just place your picking area , close to the hole .

And it doesn’t matter where the rest of your hand is placed , as long as you feel comfortable and in control .

After that we just hit the strings upward and downward .

Another question I usually get is : Do we have to lean our hand against the string or just let it move around freely when we’re picking ?

Well we need both , some times we need our hand to be free and some times we need it to be controlled . At this moment , let it be free and there’s no need to put your fingers on the body .

How to play frets

Now it’s time for our left hand , Which is the fretboard or fretting hand as it’s called .

We just need to follow two main steps , then we’ll be totally alright with our left hand !

First put your thumb on the correct place , where is the rim of the fretboard . Put your thumb completely straight and controlled .

After that put your finger’s tip between the two fret wires , Just the tip of it , it’s the key to be able to play guitar notes in the best way .

So now we know how to get some sounds out of our instrument , But it’s pretty hard and irritating . To improve your guitar playing foundation , do this exercise , which is called “Chromatic move”

Do it an hour a day and after three days , we proceed to the next session !

Hopefully now you know How to be friends with your guitar , and by that we mean the way you sit and play it .

Always take a look at your sitting posture to remind yourself : THIS IS HOW PEOPLE SEE ME WHEN I PLAY GUITAR !

Stay with us on Guitarist daily !

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