How to tune your guitar under 30 Seconds !

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Glad to have you here with another lessons from our full guitar course , hope you’ve already gone through that and now let’s see How to tune your guitar under 30 Seconds .

Here we have the Tutorial from our Youtube channel !

How to tune your guitar under 30 seconds !

So what we do , is to use Guitar tuna app to detect our strings frequencies , then find out if they’re set up alright .

if not , we use these tips to fix the problem :

  1. If we have a red circle on the left side of the center line ( which is our standard ) , we have to tighten our string to reach the number 0 . after that we’re done and our string is tuned .
  2. But if we have that red circle on the right side , we should loosen our string to tune our desired string .

Be sure you don’t stop hitting your desired string constantly until you tune it and reach the number zero .

Also if you see the red circle is going further than our standard line , stop rotating the tuning keys till you make sure you’re rotating the right key related to your desired string . otherwise you make break your string if you tighten it so much .

Hope this quick lesson was helpful to you !

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