I wanna learn guitar !

I wanna learn Guitar ! Best method to learn

Welcome to the first lesson of our ” Full Guitar tutorial ” Course , which is one of the most Comprehensive Courses available , and I’ts totally FREE !

Hope you enjoy and find our tutorials efficient , if you did , don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel !

I Wanna learn guitar ! ( the video’s script )

Learn to playing an instrument , singing , songwriting or any other music activity has never been easier than today , Actually you’ve even taken your first step already by clicking on this video which is the first one of Sepehr’s full guitar tutorial course !

You just follow the lessons step by step and after a month or two , We expect you to play those songs you love , So there would be no excuses anymore , We don’t have thousands of years to play some frets , so let’s go through it !

Selecting your favorite kind of guitar , which means acoustic or electric guitars Is totally up to you , you probably know which one will you play right now , but if you don’t , just search for it and see which one affects on you the best !

There’s no such a big difference between acoustic and electric guitar lessons at this very beginning , we go through everything by time .

So first of all , if you do not have a guitar , which brand and model should you choose ?

It’s a long story to tell what is a good guitar , so we’ve listed some nice guitars either acoustic or electric , in cheap , mid range and expensive classes , also by genre variety to give you the best choice . you can check them out on our Store !

Hereafter we assume you’ve chosen your dream guitar ; We would need some other equipements like picks , strap , capo , tuner and metronome .

These all are optional and depend on your playing style , But we recommend providing all of them to put your self in an amazing practicing way .

Also if you’re minding to learn Guitar easier and faster , pick style guitar playing is a good choice to , because when you want to play fingerstyle , you’ll have some extra practices to do for your right hand , or the opposite if you’re left handed .

In the end , it’s pretty helpful and almost necessary to use a learning method , This one actually could be your motivation or your worst barrier !

I suggest you to practice an hour a day , it is the least time you can devote to practicing and if you’re pretty much enthusiastic , don’t practice more than 3 hours a day , otherwise you may lose your motivation .

But if you’re minding to live with your guitar in the forest , that’s totally fine to practice 25 hours a day 🙂

And what to practice ?

We’ll have exercises on our website related to every video we upload on youtube , and we believe they would be just enough to help you enjoy learning guitar and become a nice player !

If it’s important to you , not to waste your time and actually move further than what you can proceed on your own , we’ll see you in the next Lesson !

Thank you our friends to company us , we try our best to help you reach your musical goals

and we’d love to have your helps and favors by commenting , sharing and of course BECOMING NICE IN MUSIC , we’ll proudly support you in anyways .

Our full guitar course contains less than 50 videos ( We’re constantly producing ) and is Shared on our website and our youtube channel . We upload twice a week and the lessons are classified as Beginner , Intermediate and Pro Tutorials , Be sure no to lose any of them !

Rock on our awesome friends !

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