Ichika nito’s first ever signature guitar

Hey my friends , how are you folks ?

I’ve never thought that one day I write about Ichika! Because I have not listened much to him and I have not been his fan, but now I am!

Anyhow, Ichika nito‘s first ever signature guitar, the ICHI10,.is exciting! Isn’t it? Why?

Because for the very first time, Ibanez has introduced a headless guitar!

But still I’m confused! What’s wrong with them ? why they didn’t introduce a left –handed one ? one day , I’ll be crazy! Ibanez I’m coming for you !See when I said that! 😀

Ichika nito's first ever signature guitar
Ichika nito’s first ever signature guitar , ICHI10

-I believe it was just about one or two months after I started performing that Ibanez sent me a direct message through Twitter saying that they were interested in collaborating with me they would like to meet me. And I did! It’s been quite a long relationship with Ibanez.

  • And when they ask him, how did your signature guitar project begin?

He says: one day when I visited the Ibanez headquarters, the artist relations Rep and his boss asked me, hey Ichika how would you like to be the first Japanese Ibanez signature artist? That’s how it all started.

  • What do you think are the advantages of headless guitars?

-The biggest benefit is probably the light weight.it looks so compact, it’s lighter and easier to handle without a headstock.

I feel less stress with this and I’m always practicing.

A headless guitar is convenient to always have right next to me.

  • What were your first impressions of you signature guitar?

-It’s almost like a Talman without a headstock, but with a similar body shape of the S series.

The first thing that caches your eye on the guitar is probably it’s color.

I requested my signature guitars’s color to be the exact same smoky cream color as my Talman.

I also like my Talman’s not too thin, round neck. So I asked Ibanez to adopt a similar feeling neck for this guitar.

  • What request did you have for the ton of the guitar?

-I asked for more HIGH and LOW end compared to my Talman’s 3 single-coil pickups, because I wanted a wider tonal range.

And I requested a mini switch for more sound variations.

With my Talman, I only had 5-way pickup selector, volume and tone knobs to select my sounds. But now I have double the sound variations. It’s nice that I can express more in a song. It’s also nice that I can use this one guitar in any situation.

  • How does it feel to be an Ibanez signature artist?

-Honestly, it hasn’t really sunk in yet, at the same time I am really happy about it. I’m still not confident enough to say that Ibanez was right to choose me as their first Japanese signature artist. But I know I will make a strong effort as a musician to make them feel and say that they made a right choice.

I promise you more good music with great sound.

I hope to receive more support from you.

My new signature guitar is being released by Ibanez and it is superb.

Please pick it up , try it and feel it.

Ichika nito’s first ever signature guitar , ICHI10

well well well , here was headless Ibanez series , and I put Ickika’s word to you here.

I once again criticize the great company Ibanez for this great discrimination between the left and the right.

One of these 5-6 models that you produced could at least be a left-handed model. don’t you think it had a better artistic face?

thanks for your putting time , I appreciate that , hope you the best , stay with us on guitarist daily 🙂

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