Some of the Best rap and hip hop Songs With unique Time Signatures

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Today I want to talk a little bit about some of the best rap and hip hop songs with unique time signatures

As you know , The most common time signature is 4/4.

In fact, it’s so common, that people often explain it as “C” which stands for “Common time”

 Now let’s skip this and move on to our main topic.

In the songs below, you see interesting numbers! actually most of These songs have odd time signatures! and we talk about them 🙂

It’s true that they don’t have the complexity of time signatures of progressive metal songs and songs like them,

But still interesting!

some of the best rap and hip hop songs with unique time signatures

The truth is that I’m gonna get the subdivisions wrong, but they aren’t really super important anyway 😀 but seriously,

A beat can be subdivided in numerous ways. 

As Bob marley says : let’s get together and feel alright 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here they are :

  • Story2 by clipping :

It’s in “every time signature :-D”

This song has very cool rhythmic expansion and ideas!

In this video, you can see what an interesting idea this song has! enjoy 🙂

We have 8 bars of three eighths

8 bars of four eighths

Eight bars of five , six , seven and finally eight bars of eight eighth !

Indeed each segments gets one eighth note longer!

And suddenly……. BOOM!

The song enters “ triplets”!

It will be six-eighth , then , eight-eighth , then ten-eighth Etc

As we move forward, i go crazy! So I stop it! 😀

This video below has completely analyzed this song , go and watch it if you want to go crazy too! 🙂

  • Now vs. Now – Big Pump Song:

It’s in “9/8”

That’s really crazy!

The obviousness of the jazz music in this song is extremely great!

The quality of this video is low, but be sure to watch and listen 🙂


It’s in “7/8”

It’s so fun to listen to ! the main theme and riff , is coool 🙂

  • “Nostalgia” – Rap with 15/8 time signature – ANDREW HUANG:

  • Dan Bull – Safe – 1 – Prelude :

It’s in “10/8

  • Frost* – Music in The Typewriting Room:

It’s in “14/10 – 13/10 -12/10…”

I really liked this song! Especially the main chorus… it’s awesome… and also… the chords progression ….

We have “14/8”

And “13/8”

Then “12/8″….

Listen to this song!

  • Aceyalone – The Hunt:

It’s in “3/4 or 3/8” I don’t know , understand it yourself! 😀

  • Quakers – Russia with Love:

It’s in “7/8”

  • The Roots – Ital (The Universal Side):

It’s in “4/4 then 6/8”

We have seven bars of four four

Then one bar of six four.

  • Kanye West – Spaceship:

It’s in “3/4”

Have a good time 🙂

  • Melanin (3/4 hip hop):

in my mind it’s better to be “4/8+2/8” 🙂

  • Sole – “Teepee On A Highway Blues”:

It’s in “6/8”

Backing track is probably a beautiful and famous song that I don’t know the name , that’s beautiful chord progression!

Whatever it is, Listen to it 🙂

  • The Mad Conductor – Yo Kid:

It’s in “4/8 – 6/8”

Mostly, successionaly one bar is 4 and one bar is 6.

  • Mayday – Flobots:

It’s in “6/4 – 4/4”

Of course, it has 7/4 in the beginning.

Then 6/4 Etc

Suddenly from Second 41 , it turns into two or four divisions.

And again like before …



It’s in “5/4”

finally the last one :

  • Thyro – 16 Bars Challenge in Odd-time 5/4 and 6/4 (Response to MC of Schizophrenia) :

This is so fun check it out :

Guys, I’m so glad you stayed with me , read , and we finished this together 🙂

some of the best rap or hip hop songs with unique time signatures

Honestly, i know some of these songs weren’t the bests and there are definitely much more better songs with unique & odd time signatures out there !

If you found any song with this feature and you liked it and relative , be sure to share with me . let’s make this article more beautiful and standard , so don’t forget about the Comments section please 🙂

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