Some of the greatest misfortunes of left-handed guitarists

Heyyyy folks , how you doin?? Today I came with a brilliant topic about my misery!! Yeah that’s true! “Some of the greatest misfortunes of left-handed guitarists”😍😂😅🤣

We must look at the world honestly! We live in a world based on business and money. Not everything is always based on talent.

Only 10-15 percentage of people in the world are left-handed. So?  In a very optimistic state , only 10-15 percentage of all guitars in the world are left-handed!

If your guitar has a symmetrical shape (like most classical guitars), you can easily turn your guitar into a left-handed guitar by moving the strings. like this:

But in such cases you became miserable when your instrument is like this below pic:

Unfortunately our world is not such welcoming for lefties.

What does it mean?

It means:

1.The variety of guitars ( specially electric guitars) , are much less than the right-handed guitars, so you have definitely much less choices than the other one!

2.When you are a right-handed guitarist, you can exchange your guitar with others at any time( like second hand guitars..) and buy an instrument that fits your current level of playing, but when you are a left-handed guitarist, this issue, which is very simple, becomes very complicated.

3.Imagine you are in a Blues-rock or Jazz club right now!

Everyone can play with the guitars that are there and enjoy that fascinating night, but you can’t! you can only play where your guitar is with you or you can only play if there is a left-handed guitar.

4.Generally the left-handed guitars are more expensive than right handed one. why? because the factory production line fits the shape and machining angles of right-handed guitars, and their devices for making left-handed guitars are not installed and planned.

In fact, they often require additional time and money to craft and are produced in much lower numbers which is far less economical. are not being able to try your guitar before buy!

Because your left-handed guitar is not economical, many music stores may not have the instrument you are looking for, and you may want them to order it from you.

That’s why you can’t, like ordinary people, try different guitars in that shop and then choose.

So as you see there is a big problem here!

You are doomed to buy the one you saw in the clips from a long distance or you may have the other problems I donno don’t ask me again 😂

No but seriously guys ,this is the simplest right of any guitarist who wants to buy a guitar
That is to test it!
But you are deprived of this right most of the time.

6.You do not have color variety either.

At the end let me talk to you a little.

I’m a left-handed guitarist so I experienced each of these problems with all my being!

I’m sorry to say this, but sometimes I think that if I had this knowledge that I have now, I would not have played the left guitar at all.

I feel sorry for the world that is always ready to see something fixed and does not want to see this beautiful frame of left and right-handed musicians at the same time.

Again, we came to the end of another article😍
I will tell you my last opinion!
If you are a rich person and you can easily buy different guitars all the time you want, you can enjoy being left-handed guitarist for a while.
But otherwise, you always face these problems more than a rich person of- course!

Big thanks for your putting time! of course you have to thank me for taking the time to write this😂😂😂 (I’m kidding guys😂)

Stay with us on guitarist daily😍😉🙂😀😎

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