Songwriting : Talent or Effort ?

World’s changing , there was a time when musicians taught music from personal classes , with the best masters , and the nicest of them would find their way to court , eventually they were called great musicians .

A lot of them including Chopin , Mozart and Bach have great reputation .

And nowadays we can find awesome kids , releasing outstanding songs from their home studio , and their only learning resource is Youtube !

Neither Effort nor Talent alone , makes a musician perfect . if we look at people Who’re called “Successful” , we can find that key , which i believe is “Resolving into something” . when someone goes deep into something and make that their Leisure , job , expert , hottest topic to talk about and the way people know them ; that’s when we can call someone is really doing some stuff .

Effort pushes people further than their competitors by creating challenges and difficult circumstances , and talent helps them overcome those barriers in a better and faster way . there’s no doubt , talent and effort can make a huge impact , but what are they supposed to they when you don’t leave your bed ?!

If you ARE a musician who’s good at something ( like singing or writing songs ) and asking this question , well the answer is different for sure .

You know this rule : Practice to become better .

and also you’ve faced this one : You’re practicing for 10 years , but that 9 years old instagram kid is better than you .

That’s the point , we can accept that there are a lot of people who have done less effort and are better than us . But what should you do ?! Removing your practice time is the Answer ?

I believe not , I Believe Being good at another Part of your existence would separate you from others .

think about it , it’s not hard to find people who’re sweating after 8 hours of practicing and they don’t get what they expect . on the other side , a lot of talented people are still struggling with their laziness or the lack of motivation .

You need the combination of them , or another way to grow .

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