What are the biggest differences between Funk and Disco music ?

what are the biggest differences between funk and disco ? watch the Video Below !

If we want to mention few styles of music which make us move our body subconsciously , we can definitely call out Funk and Disco : Two kinds of music that are same ages , and end up making us feel energetic .

Although most of the people can understand the feeling difference between those two , but could they describe them ?

If you don’t have the answer , let’s see !

what are the biggest differences between funk and disco


So First of all , let’s figure out why they actually Resemble :

  • Dance Motive
    • This body-moving Feeling is generated by the special rhythms , groovy melodies and lyrics . so it would be obvious that you shouldn’t use odd time rhythms , or rely on the pianist’s left hand as the bass line , if you’re a Composer .
  • The tempo ( Pace of the song )
    • in the both styles , tracks are usually written on tempo 100 to 125 . it can go Higher , but doesn’t go lower often , remember we have to keep the crowd dancing !
  • Instrument Lines
    • You always Hear those famous Groovy basslines , Snare-ish Drums playing and Keyboard Chords while listening to funk and disco ! so it’s another important item that you can’t put aside . There are usually Electric guitars , Keyboards , Basses , Drums and sometimes Singers .
  • Closely same ages
    • So , back then in 70s there were two kind of people : first those who loved to dance passionately , insanely and maybe drunk . These people were those cool disco guys .
    • And also there were some jazz lovers who wanted to make those swing rhythms and acoustic instruments a bit more motivating .

It’s now clearer why they look like twins , but what are the ACTUAL differences between Funk and Disco ?


  • The origins
    • As mentioned , There were two kind of party people who actually led funk and disco into their own ways , so we could say Funk is Derived from jazz and Disco is Derived from Electronic music , this item is probably the most exact answer to our article’s topic .
  • Melodic Lines
    • In Disco music we hear vocals more often than funk . Also synthetic string sounds , pluckeds and electronic lead sounds are the distinct Disco music characteristics .
    • In funk music they’ve got through sophisticated bass lines and pretty cool guitar licks , and it’s actually a deeper sight to make motivating music .
  • Chord Progressions
    • So in jazz , Using Complicated chord progressions is a big Specialty which is transferred to funk as well .
    • In disco clubs they don’t have time to analyze Altered 7th minor chords , Instead they make it simpler and easier to feel .
  • Specialties of each one
    • You can always hear pretty thick reverbs on Snare drums , vocals ad melodic lines while listening to disco !
    • Rhythms plays an important role in funk music , Just go through it to hear those groovy basslines and guitar mutes , syncopes and many other items !

Either funk and disco have been a lot of favor to music world , We can say they have brought Freedom to our musical gatherings by the time . if you’ve had amazing memories dancing to music , it’s surely related to what those two have done , even if you’ve never listened to them , be sure they’ve had a huge impact on the modern pop music .

However , we have many different Music styles that focus on dancing situations , or at least excite the listeners , and they’ve had their own story like Trance , Rock and roll , Ballet music and many more .

So , hope you would listen to Each funk and disco music in a different way now , which makes you enjoy more than before by granting any of them their own Taste !

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