What is the best guitar for a beginner ?

Hello there !

To buy your first guitar , first you should’ve find out what kind of guitar do you love , Acoustic , Electric , Nylon , Bass , Ukulele Etc

After that if you’re going to attend in a Guitar course with a master , they could help you about it , also a lot of guitar stores have honest employees who could consult you to buy the best products available in there .

IF YOU’RE GOING FOR SELF-TAUGHT METHOD or ONLINE COURSES , you can Check out the link below , where you can find a lot of nice and guaranteed guitar packages including amps , effect processors etc… on our store !


every single package on guitarist daily has been set after years of experience and hard work , so don’t worry about the quality and focus on your budget !

But generally if i want to name specific brands , for under $300 you can buy ibanez gio series , fender squier guitars and epiphone products .

for under $600 we can add cort x series and ibanez GRG , also there are few fender models available on Player series .

under $1000 we can add fender player series , ibanez Rg guitars , some of charvel models such as Pro-mod and san dimas .

and if you go higher than $1000 , we have many many stuff to choose and you’ll have to search for your the ideal one , but in my opinion These brands have the most ideal products : Fender , PRS and Charvel .

Buying your favorite guitar is really this easy , don’t take it to hard and remember every instrument has it’s own sound . even a 50 bucks guitar can create a memorable world for you !

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