Where to find Abasi guitars for sale?

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As you know, abasi concepts are really a brand new concept for modern guitarists! And today we want to talk about this important issue :

Where to find Abasi guitars for sale?

Where to find Abasi guitars for sale?
Where to find Abasi guitars for sale?

Abasi is one of the newest guitar gods!

When you enter the abasi site , you face this :

Abasi Concepts guitars give visionary players the creative tools to break boundaries. Guitarists who seek to explore new realms of sound, responsiveness or ergonomics will discover exceptional sonic depth and playability.

They have a japanese roduction going on.

These guitars have been produced in several series:

  • Space T
  • Larada

-Master series

-J series

-Spartan series

-Legion series

Tosin abasi used Seymour Duncan pickups when he was in Ibanez company but now he uses fishman pickups and definitely it’s an amazing combination!

the neck profile is actually asymmetrical, it’s a bit thicker in the treble and it thins out to the bass side of the neck. Tosin says: “I did it because for positioning my thumb for lead lines in legato and it’s a bit advantageous to have a thick neck in my opinion to purchase for your thumb poviting and leverage and then as you get , up the neck I find for borrowing I prefer a shorter space. So I combine those two things into a single sort of like teardrop shape.

So the neck profile is kind of a teardrop shape .

There’s less crosstalk between the strings which is nice  .


Have you ever seen Stephen Taranto playing?

You can only say , he’s unique and extraordinary!

It’s true that his goodness can still be maintained with other guitars but

The playability of these guitars is definitely different!

Specially designed for playing in high positions and also its comfortable. definitely less crosstalk between the strings.

Well, let’s go find the sites that sell these modern guitars 😎

As you know abasi concepts aren’t as common as the other companies you know it’s very new , actually better to say , it’s less accessible.

One time I was in jash dela Victoria live on youtube , he was playing with his abasi guitar , I think someone asked how does it feel to play this guitar?

Then he said : “it’s great and something like that.” Then the person who asked the question said : “I wish I could play with this too” , josh said : “I hope you can attend the next NAMM ! 😂 “

You see? This guitars don’t resemble other brands which you can go and easily test & check them at any store.

When you go to abasi site you can see this heartbreaking image! 😂😂

Where to find Abasi guitars for sale?

So what to do ?

The safest way :

You can go to this page and check your answers, for example:

-can I pre-order or put a deposit on a build?

-We are not accepting pre-orders or deposits at this time. All finished guitars will be listed as they are completed and will be available for immediate purchase & shipping.

If you have any question , you can check their website out:


Abasi had never presented large outputs , but if you’re interested in these guitars you can check these websites out:

  • Reverb

There are a few on reverb, but they are priced pretty horrible or pretty poorly due to rarity.

I dropped my teeth when I saw the prices 😂🤣 but you can check out guitar list website:


Good prices can also be found, like the link bellow:


You can try your luck 😍

  • Ebay

You can go through Ebay :


  • NAMM Shows

NAMM is about selling to vendors but if you are lucky, you may go find tosin and beg him to give you a guitar 😂

 But seriously you can communicate with the sellers and reach your dream guitar in an easier way 🙂

While the Abasi guitars are in short supply, Tosin Abasi signature pickups are well stocked online so you could put them on a guitar, or have the custom builder put them in.

Guys seriously i’m so thankful for staying with me 😍

I hope you can get your dream guitar and play your dream music, and i want you to know that i don’t want any of them to be established unless the left-handed production line is also set up😂😅

by the way , let me write some names of artists use these modern abasi guitars:

top of them:


Well well well ,

Once again you were with us on our article “Where to find Abasi guitars for sale?”

It’s time to go , stay with us on guitarist daily😍

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